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My name is Stephen Tucker and I'm the founder and CEO of CumulusPoint - Smart Ordering Solutions.  Before telling you about what CumulusPoint is I want to tell you who it is for:

Independent quick service restaurant owners

Anyone serving food at a counter where pre-ordering will help your regular customers skip the line (i.e sandwich shop, bakery or golf course)

Anyone currently paying commission for their existing online ordering service

Businesses with a Facebook / Twitter and willing to self promote their App


Sign up today for no monthly fees

For the first 100 restaurants to sign up the usual monthly hosting charge of £25 per month will be waived. If you are lucky enough to be part of our launch promotion there will be no additional costs to you. Check out the pricing below, we believe this pricing to be competitive with any other app developer and incredible value.


iPhone App £99.99

We will build you your own branded iPhone mobile ordering App. The App will be available in the iTunes store for your customers to download (for free) to use to place their orders with you for collection or delivery.

Delivery time 2 weeks.


Android App £99.99

We will build you your own branded iPhone mobile ordering App. The App will be available in the iTunes store for your customers to download (for free) to use to place their orders with you for collection or delivery.

Delivery time 2 weeks.


Mobile Friendly Ordering Website £0.00

If you buy either a iPhone or Android App for your business you will also receive a complementary mobile ordering online website that works in exactly the same way, you will be able to add a link to your existing website.

Delivery time 1 week.

How it Works

When you are ready, submit details of your menu (& menu images  - optional) to us along with your business opening hours, location(s) and delivery details (optional).  In 1 week we will be able to give you a preview of how your menu will via the complementary mobile ordering website. 

When ready give us the go ahead for the iPhone / Android App(s) and we will have these in the App store in 2 weeks from receipt of payment. We do ask for payment prior to launch.

Your customers will be able to download your App and use it to send orders to you. You can receive orders in two ways:

1. Using our free to download merchant iPad App (recommended)

2. By email, so long as you monitor your inbox this will also work fine

The ordering process is two way - you need to confirm the order so that your customer gets feedback that the order has been received and the time it will be ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a printer available?

Yes - you can purchase a Star Micronics bluetooth printer and connect this with our iPad Merchant App. We will be happy to help you set this up when the time comes.

2. Is there POS Integration?

No - not at the moment, as we grow this is something we will introduce. Many of our clients add a button to their existing POS to make a note if the orders that come in via their mobile ordering platform. The iPad merchant App includes a daily report to help with this.

3. Is there payment processing?

Not at the moment - the whole ordering process is based on the customer paying you upon delivery or collection. This is the only way we can provide a 0% commission ordering service. We are looking at introducing payment processing through your existing merchant account. Let us know if this is something that you are interested in. For this there will be a small one time set up fee for the integration.

4. Is the service reliable and secure?

Yes - Everything is run in the cloud using redundant Amazon servers. If Amazon goes down then so will we but in 5 years this has never happened!

5. How is our menu updated?

Email us the changes and we will have the updates done within 24 hours for you if they are minor. If you are launching a new menu then give us a week's notice.

6. Can we customise our App?

The App we build you is "white label" meaning that all our clients are using essentially the same code. This is the only way that we can provide you with your own app at such a great price. We are continuously updating the code and time to time you will notice that we issue an update of your app to the app store with enhancements that have been requested from our client base. We also update apps as needed to keep the code compliant with the latest app store requirements.

Next Steps

Let's do this! Head over to our sign up page to get started.

About CumulusPoint

My story starts back in 2011 when I was working at an engineering company.

There was no kitchen in the office so for every meal I had the option of brining in my own food or eating out. More often or not I would prefer to eat out. The problem was that all my favourite places to eat had line up's and were at least a 10 minute walk away.

What I really wanted to do was to pre-order using my smartphone while I was walking out the building and then swing by to pick up my meal.

I wondered why the local sandwich shops, cafes and takeout places around my office did not have their own Apps. It turns out that there are two really big entry barriers: (1) programming an app is still to this day complex and intimidating, you need to have some background in programming to know where to start. (2) It's very expensive to hire a programmer to develop an app for you.

Being an engineer I was excited to find a way to solve the problem of how to make mobile ordering with native apps available to independent restaurant owners. The process needed to be easy, hassle free, reliable, secure and most importantly affordable. I have spent the past five years putting together CumulusPoint so that mobile ordering can be available to any business.

Fast forward to 2016 and the problem is solved. CumulusPoint can build your mobile ordering App for less than you think and have your App in the iTunes and Google play stores ready for your customers to use within a few days.

This is still the start of a very exciting journey, ordering is up and running, The next phase is to add a loyalty program option and an option for pushing promotions via email or text message - watch this space!

Thanks for allowing me a few minutes to introduce myself and my company. I look forward to partnering with you and helping you to grow your business.