Step 1 - Check your printer

Our iPad Merchant App is designed to work with Star Micronics Bluetooth enabled printer model No. TSP650II.

The video below provides a quick overview of the printer and installation options available.

Step 2 - Sync your printer with your iPad

Follow the helpful instructional video from Star Micronics to sync the printer with your iPad.

Step 3 - Check the connection

Open the iPad Merchant App and check the 'settings' page. You should see the printer is now available for use in the App.

Step 4 - Configure Printing Options & Test

Select the printer to access the printing options screen shown below.

You can choose how many receipts are printed for each accepted order.

  • Customer Receipt = A receipt to give to your customer (attach it to the takeout order)
  • Merchant Receipt = Your merchant copy
  • Order Tickets = Order details only (for the prep area)

Press the "Print Test" button to check the printer is operating ok.