Your Customers are Mobile

Let's give them the most convenient way to place their order with YOU


You own iPhone App for your customers to download from the Apple iTunes store.

Your own Android App for your customers to download from the Google Play store.


How it Works

It's easy to promote you App. Don't worry your customers will soon be downloading and sharing it with their friends. Take a tip from Starbucks who advertise their mobile ordering platform right at their counter.

You could also add the App download links to our website and put the App logo on your menus.


Your customers, use your App to check out your menu and place an order for collection or delivery. They get a confirmation email letting them know that their order is on the way. Watch the video to see how an order can be placed in under a minute (App shown is Holy Grill in Calgary).


The order arrives at your location via our iPad Merchant App.  When you accept the order you provide your customer with feedback that you have their order and how long it will take to prepare. Watch the video to see how simple it is to receive and accept an incoming order.


Need a receipt printed, no problem. You can connect a receipt printer to your iPad and print receipts for you records, your customer and a ticket for the food preparation area. We have worked hard to keep everything simple and very easy to operate.

We also help you to advertise your App on Facebook